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This is a mapping example of what the MU*'s central area could look like. Written in around two hours, so spelling errors abound and it needs to be proofread to make sure the written directions coincide with the <I>actual</I> directions, but y'know, consider it a proof of concept for the general area.

Green areas marked spots that would be added, but I didn't bother writing room descriptions for. Use the map for actual map directions, since I never updated the descriptions, ha.. ha.. ha...

Eventual expansion to the southern plains would give an area for human encroachment, while the eastern plains would support a transition to the Sun Village. The cliffs could eventually be made climbable, or an alternative northern route added to allow for journeys to the northern mountains / the go-back lodge.

The holt has four levels (storage hollow, interior of holt, up in the holts branches, and top of the holt tree). Players could be given the rights to make one room per character, and all levels of the holt would be available for this (as would all hallways in the Blue Mountain, and the center of the HGS village) to allow for people's characters to have private rooms.