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The basic format I am thinking of right now is:

@name me=
@soulname me=
@gender me= male or female
@race me= human, elf or troll
@tribe me= (elf:) Groveholt, Sun Villager, Go-Back, Refugee
(human) Hearthstone, Hoan G'tyasdofk

@age me= character's age

@skills me =
0-20 year old elves / humans start with 300 points.
21-100 year old elves (21-40 year old humans) start with 400 points.
100-500 year old elves (40-80 year old humans) start with 500 points. Every 100 years after that gives an additional 25 points.
1000+ year old elves start with 750 points.

1 is no knowledge, 25 is below average, 50 is average, 100 is above average, 150 is good, 200 is outstanding, 300 is masterful, 400 is notorious and 500 is the best known practitioner.
I. Tracking, Hunting, Endurance, Riding, Tumbling, Fighting
II. Crafting, Gathering, Tanning, Cooking, Forging, Agriculture
III. Swimming, Climbing, Dancing, Singing, Weaving, Hiding
IIII. Animal Knowledge, Lore, History, Storytelling, Magic

@magic me =
25 skillpoints in magic results in 1 skillpoint towards allocation. ā€¸First tier of an ability must be bought in order to purchase subabilities. After 100 skill points have been converted, the cost of magic points doubles.

Magical ability increases with the amount of points spent on subabilities. Putting points into healing does not increase your skill in Shielding, but placing points in Shielding does increase your skill in Healing.

1: Below average.
2-3: Average.
3-5: Above average.
5-6: Outstanding.
7-9: Amazing.
10: One of a kind.

All gliders have their additional 250 points automatically placed into Gliding, which would give them 7 points in Gliding.

I. Sending (free)
* UPGRADE (1pt, repeatable)
* Blacksending (1 pt)
* Astral Projection (2 pt)
* Hypnosis (2 pt)
* Mental Shielding (2 pt)
* Physical Shielding (4pts)

I. Healing (2pts)
* Anti-Healing (2pts)
* Flesh-Shaping (2pts)
* Self-Shaping (4pts)

I. Shaping (1pt)
* Plantshaping (2pts)
* Rockshaping (2pts)
* Metalshaping (4pts)
* Watershaping (6pts)

I. Rare Abilities (2pt)
* Levitation (2pt) (free for Gliders)
* Shapeshifting (6pts)
* Firestarting (6pt)
* Magic Feeling (2pt)
* Animal Bonding (2pt) (free for Wolfriders)

Examples of the magic-buy system would be:

RAYEK wants levitation, black-sending, and hypnosis. As a 600+ year old elf, he has 525 points available to him. He places 100 of his 525 skill points in Magic. After 100 points, he is required to double the amount of skill points spent, so he spends 150 more points to get a Magic score of 175. This gives him 7 points to spend on magic. As an elf, he gets Sending for free and spends 1 point on Blacksending, and 2 points on Hypnosis. He then spends 2 points to access the rare abilities, and another 2 points for Levitation. Afterwards, he has 275 points remaining to allocate to other skills.

STRONGBOW wants a strong sending ability. As a 450 year old elf, he has 500 skill points available to him. He places 100 of his 500 skill points into Magic, and then spends an additional 150 points at double-cost to upgrade it to 175. He gains Sending for free, and spends six points on upgrading it, and then the remaining point on Blacksending. His rank in Sending is 8, meaning that he is notorious for the strength and range of his Sending. As a Wolfrider, he gains Animal Bonding for free. Afterwards, he has 250 points to allocate to other skills.

If you're good at magic, you're going to have to sacrifice other skills in order to show the time and energy spent on cultivating it. To use our baby magic users as examples:

KIMO is fifteen years old, and starts with 300 skill points. He places 100 skillpoints into magic, and then an additional 200, leaving him with no remaining skillpoints and 8 magic points. He spends 2 points on buying access to Rare Abilities, and then the remaining six on Shapeshifting. As a Wolfrider, he automatically gains Sending and Animal Bonding.

SUNTOP is twenty four years old, and starts with 300 skill points. He places 100 into magic, and then an additional 150, leaving him with 50 and 6 magic points. He spends 2 on Astral Projection, 2 on accessing Rare Abilities and 2 on Magic Feeling. He still has 50 points to allocate to other skills.

@mother/father me= Name of parents.
@mother/mother status= Alive or deceased. Marking a relative as alive means they will be inserted into the NPC database for other players to pick up.

@history me=
@description me=

I did mock-up applications in the comments in order to show how this would work practically.
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