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Potential additional commands:

@justify skill/[INSERT]=
People shouldn't have a ton of skills, unless they're a Jack of All Trades and Master Of None (tm) (aka terrible at them). As a result, it might be worthwhile to make them justify any that they have. It wouldn't have to be long, just a 2 or 3 sentence blurb. Example:

@justify skill/DANCING= Leetah was one of the dancers for the Festival of Sun and Light for six hundred years. While not innovative, she is well-practiced and experienced in dancing itself.

The same skill could be applied to magic. Maybe in general, so that people don't get overwhelmed, rather than specifying abilities.

@justify magic= Rayek is a magical throwback to older generations of Sun Villagers. His skill in levitation, hypnosis and black-sending are all manifestations of this, and the attention that his magical abilities gained him ensured that he has focused the majority of his long lifespan to training these skills.

History should largely serve as the source of any longer justifications. The goal of the application process is to ultimately have people generate tight character concepts that can then be used to push characters into more interesting scenarios. Nightsong might be the best weaver in the village, but when she Recognises a Wolfrider, she decides to learn to hunt with him in order to bond. Unfortunately, she's terrible. Does she continue (slowly acruing points in Hiding, Tracking and Hunting to show her growing experience) or does she give up? How does she deal with her failure? Does she see it as a manifestation of her own subpar skills, or does she blame him because he's a bad teacher? Drama!

However, it might still be useful to have a generic area for people to express any aspects of the character concept that they may not feel is made obvious through the process. Which would lead to the...

@notes me=

The example application I created for Leetah used this, and this would be mandatory for all feature characters as a way of seeing what the player wants to do with them. (And to check for any inappropriate plots ahead of time. A player with a strong desire for Moonshade to leave Strongbow, venture across the plains and take up with the Gliders is probably not the best player for that character.) However, it might be useful as an optional portion for all players to show what plots are interesting to them, and to help admins to create and help TPs that would cater to them. If the majority of players in Groveholt list an interest in plots involving either leaving or staying in the Grove, then that'd be helpful for the admins to know.

additional point systems

Essentially, a Physical / Social / Mental system where players would get a set amount of points, and would have to address them appropriately.

Maybe like:

          I. Physical                                        I. Mental                                        I. Social
           Strength                                            Intelligence                                   ?
           Dexterity                                            Wits
           Endurance                                       Cunning

I'm not a fan of this idea, but it's a natural extension of the skill points system. I think that things like strength would be the only important part, and that players should be able to argue that out between themselves - obviously an elf who specialises in weaving and history and has 10 in Endurance is going to be weaker than the Go-Back who has a 50 in Fighting, 100 in Tumbling and 200 in Endurance, y'know?

But it remains a possibility!


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